Subway Menu Prices UK

Here’s our salivating guide to coming up with the Subway Menu prices in the UK. Join us as we quench our appetites on a tasty expedition through the world of subs, wraps, salads, and an endless array of delicious options. Whether it’s a vegan version of a well-loved classic dish or something that has never been done before, we’re here to make your average mealtimes extraordinary. Be ready to enjoy an awesome choice; these will probably taste awesome while not breaking the bank.

subway menu prices uk

Classic Subs – Prices and Varieties

Conquer a classic Subway sub, with its unrivaled choices held at a compelling range of money. You’ll feel your mouth watering just savoring the magic of the Italian B.M.T. or the Meatball Marinara that screams affordability and a knack for satisfying your cravings with delicious subs.

Signature Wraps – Delicious Choices and Costs

Be part of the Subway new wrapping experience, along with signature wraps which present a twisting side to standard sandwiches. Discover the many mouthfeelings from the mouthwatering Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt to the flashing Spicy Italian sandwich. Every burrito to its core leaves no one with “I don’t want any more” and spreads happiness one chew at a time.

Fresh Salads – Menu Options and Prices

Anyone who enjoys a lighter alternative but still wants the flavor can dig into Subway’s salads. They are all fresh. Packed with all sorts of nutritious fresh veggies and more protein to complete the mix, these salads will rejuvenate you like no other at a very reasonable price tag. You can enjoy building up your salad as you like and refreshing your body with fresh natural ingredients.

Plant-Based Selections – Vegan and Vegetarian Prices

Those who have adopted the vegan lifestyle and/or high but whole-food vegetable intake need not worry because Subway has its list of vegan and vegetarian plant-based selections. You will find that starting from the famous Beyond Meatball Marinara to the classic Veggie Delite, these subs come at a price, that won’t leave you breathless. You get to enjoy the crispy green salads and veggie sandwiches without the guilt of calories and fats because of our plant-based options.

Kids’ Meals – Tasty Options and Affordable Prices

Imagine, the tiniest ones having the best of treats, delicious sandwiches, fruits, fun drinks, and yummy candies! This helps us to move away from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and colors as we focus on options that better the health of the kids and also the pocket. Spoil your kids with a health-conscious and entertaining food trip in Subway instead.

Breakfast Delights – Morning Menu and Prices

Get your morning started on the right foot with Subway Deli’s delicious breakfast selection. This budget-friendly menu includes a variety of mouthwatering options for breakfast. It does not matter whether you like the meaty Bacon, Egg & Cheese, or the consistently tasty Veggie Delite; this product line is the best breakfast treat.

Premium Subs – Indulge in Flavor at Various Prices

Take a stroll in the world of gourmet subs with premium products that now define great taste. Be it the scrumptiously tasting Steak & Cheese or the gulpy tasting Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole, these subs grab the corridor to quality flavor as well as cheap prices.

Add-Ons and Extras – Customize Your Sub and Prices

Enrich your Subway-making process by choosing from the range of additional toppings and spices. Numerous options such as from different cheese varieties are all included in that price. With your preferred buildable, you can craft the perfect sub to pair with your unique preferences, all while having to deal with a tight budget.

Combo Meals – Great Deals on Sub, Drink, and Chips

Have you been craving for some good quality and fulfilling experience? Combo meal packs from Subway provide not only extra delicious subs but also drinks and chips at incredible if not the best prices to the customers’ satisfaction and budget.

Beverages – Refreshing Drinks and Their Prices

Earn your thirst with the endless thirst-quenching range of drinks at Subway. What goes best with everything It does not matter if it is soft drinks or bottled water, you can match and get your preferred drink, to warm your stomach, at a wallet-friendly price.

Sweet Treats – Dessert Menu and Costs

Replenish the score of your fast with tasty Subway desserts. Create your journey: Yes, this entrepreneurial journey will be both thrilling and trying, but there is a prize at the end. By depicting self-assurance, shown by manifesting determination and plans, anyone can form a lucrative enterprise from a dream. Resist your temptation to eat out by trying a mini-box of fresh baked goods such as cookies and brownies and see how the tastes satisfy your stomach without expending a huge amount of money.

Catering Platters – Delicious Choices for Groups and Prices

Planning a gathering? Not to mention, our platter specialty is a viable alternative that can make it possible for customers to enjoy a variety of subs, wraps, salads, and others at the same time. Hence, your clients get to pick what they want to sink their teeth into, the buffet platter offers a lot of choices as menus. Give them a taste of what your food can offer together with still keeping it on the budget. Hence, this will be an event that will be long remembered.

Subway Menu Prices UK

Subway Subs6Footlong (12)
Chicken & Bacon Melt£3.99Chicken Pizzaiola
Chicken Pizziola£4.29£6.69
Chicken Teriyaki£3.89£6.29
Chicken Tikka£3.59£5.99
Italian B.M.T.£3.49£5.89
Meatball Marinara£3.49£5.89
Meatless Meatball Marinara£3.59£5.99
Roast Chicken Breast£3.49£5.89
Rotisserie-Style Chicken£3.99£6.39
Spicy Italian£3.29£5.69
Steak & Cheese£4.29£6.69
Subway Melt£3.69£6.09
Turkey Breast£2.99£5.39
Turkey Breast & Ham£3.19£5.59
Vegan Patty£3.99£6.39
Veggie Delite£2.79£5.19
Subway Breakfast6Footlong (12)
Poached Egg & Cheese£2.10£4.00
Bacon, Poached Egg & Cheese£2.50£4.60
Sausage, Poached Egg & Cheese£2.50£4.60
Mega Melt£2.70£4.80
Subway Signature Loaded Wraps
Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese£5.99
BBQ Chicken & Bacon£5.49
Vegan with Garlic Aioli£5.49
Subway Savers & Snacks
Cheese Toasted Bite£1.29
Ham & Cheese Toasted Bite£1.29
Steak & Cheese Toasted Bite£1.29
Tuna Melt Toasted Bite£1.29
Bowl of Meatballs£1.69
Bowl of Meatless Meatballs£1.69
Hash Browns£0.99
Meat Feast£2.59
Garlic Cheese Toastie£0.99
Subway Platters
Vegan Platter£18.00
Lite Platter£20.00
Meat Feast Platter£20.00
Classic Platter£20.00
Subway Salads
Chicken & Bacon Melt£5.49
Chicken Pizziola£4.69
Chicken Teriyaki£4.49
Chicken Tikka£4.09
Italian B.M.T.£3.99
Meatball Marinara£4.09
Roast Chicken Breast£4.19
Rotisserie-Style Chicken£4.29
Spicy Italian£3.79
Steak & Cheese£4.89
Subway Melt£4.19
Thai Chicken£3.99
Tuna Nicoise£4.59
Turkey Breast£3.49
Turkey Breast & Ham£3.79
Vegan Patty£5.49
Veggie Delite£4.39
Subway Cookies1312
Chocolate Chunk£0.60£1.20£3.80
Double Chocolate£0.60£1.20£3.80
Rainbow Candy Chip£0.60£1.20£3.80
White Chocolate£0.60£1.20£3.80
Macadamia Nut£0.60£1.20£3.80
Oatmeal & Raisin£0.60£1.20£3.80
Subway Treats
BEAR Pure Fruit Yoyo£0.60
Subway Crisps
Doritos (various)£0.60
Walkers (various)£0.60
Subway Drinks
Pepsi Regular 375ml BottleRobinson’s Refresh Raspberry & Apple 500ml Bottle
Pepsi Max 500ml Bottle£1.50
Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml Bottle£1.50
Tango Orange 500ml Bottle£1.50
Robinson’s Refresh Raspberry & Apple 500ml Bottle£1.50
7UP Free 500ml Bottle£1.50
Gatorade Cool Blue 500ml Bottle£1.50
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml Bottle£1.50
Bottled Water, Still 500ml Bottle£1.50
Tropicana Orange Juice£1.50
Pepsi Max – Regular 455ml£1.20
Pepsi Max – Large 597ml£1.50
7UP Free – Regular 455ml£1.20
7UP Free – Large 597ml£1.50
Tango Orange No Sugar – Regular 455ml£1.20
Tango Orange No Sugar – Large 597ml£1.50
Robinson’s Apple & Blackcurrant – Regular 455ml£1.20
Robinson’s Apple & Blackcurrant – Large 597ml£1.50
Pepsi Max Cherry – Regular 455ml£1.20
Pepsi Max Cherry – Large 597ml£1.50
Robinson’s Fruit Shoot my-5 Apple & Blackcurrant 200ml Bottle£1.20
Robinson’s Refresh’d Raspberry & Apple 500ml Bottle£1.50
Regular Coffee£1.70
Large Coffee£2.00
Regular Latte£2.00
Large Latte£2.30
Regular Tea£1.50
Large Tea£2.00
Regular Cappuccino£2.00
Large Cappuccino£2.30


Do they provide vegan foods at Subway across the UK?

Yes, the vegan station vendors (Beyond Meatball Marinara and Veggie Delite) of the UK, are another sign of Subway’s commitment to the customers.

Does Subway offer meal deals or combos?

Subway is a well-crafted contributor to the curation of clever meal deals that consist of your preferred combo of a sub, a drink, and chips bought as a bundle, giving your pocket a positive sentiment.

Can I customize my Subway sub with extra toppings?

Absolutely! Subway urges you to give the sub specs you may choose some extra toppings, condiments, and sauces that you’d prefer and then design it Perfect Sub.

Does Subway offer a breakfast menu in the UK?

Yes, UK customers can savor breakfast subs on the Subway menu with a difference, as the options are diverse for a perfect healthy start.

Are there premium subs available at Subway?

Subway gives you a chance to eat delicious subs such as Steak & Cheese and Turkey Bacon & Guacamole and even stick to your budget! This makes them a great choice for those who are finicky about their taste buds.

Can I order catering platters for events?

Surely, Subway offers platters of sandwiches and products such as wraps and salads to cater to groups, events as well as various types of gatherings.

What drinks are available at Subway?

Subway provides its customers with different flavors of refreshing beverages among them are soft drinks, bottled water, and iced tea brewed on-site.

Does Subway have any dessert options?

Indeed, Subway offers its delicious cakes/cookies tinged with an utterly scrumptious choice of cookies and brownies which, again, are all nicely priced and budget-friendly.