Subway Wraps Menu

Subway does not just make sandwiches. Find out what’s on the Subway Delicious Wraps Menu!

Subway Wraps Menu

Sandwich wraps may seem like they’ve been around for a long time, but every year or so, a new wave of health awareness brings a new idea of what foods are the best to eat. Subway Wraps Menu have always seemed to make the cut, probably because tortilla wraps are thought to be better than regular sandwich bread. Every year, a lot of places add wraps to their menus to offer healthier options and more variety without having to order new items. This lets them use the same menu items in different ways.

The fact that Subway didn’t add wraps to its menu until the middle of 2018 shows how late it was to the party. During this time, Subway promoted the launch of its wraps by offering three wraps that were only available for a short time. Since the wraps have stayed on the menu for the past 5 years, it’s safe to say that they were a big draw.

Prices on the Sbarro menu (as of July 2023)
Even though Subway may have been late to the party when it came to sandwich wraps, they have continued to do well, even though they aren’t as popular as some of the bread options they offer. But the sandwich wrap is still popular enough that it made it onto Subway’s new, smaller menu.

When Subway first started offering sandwich wraps, it did so with three limited-time-only specialty wraps. However, you can order any basic Subway sandwich as a wrap by swapping out the bread for a tortilla shell. This also lets you order a unique sandwich wrap the same way you would order a sub sandwich.

The length of a Subway sandwich wrap is about 6 to 8 inches. But when it comes to the amount of meat, cheese, toppings, and sauce in your wrap, it is much more like getting a 12-inch sub sandwich.

When the new Subway menu comes out in the middle of 2022, old menu items will be taken off and new menu items will be added. Subway has put a lot of emphasis on ordering from its new collection of sub sandwiches, called the Subway Series, which has 12 brand-new specialty sub sandwiches. At this point, we don’t know if you can swap out the bread on any of the Subway Series subs for a tortilla wrap.

But you can definitely order a wrap with any sub meal from Subway’s Classic Sub collection. This includes most of the older sub sandwiches that were on the menu board before the new menu came out. There are things like the Italian B.M.T., the Cold Cut Combo, the Meatball Marinara, the Veggie Delight, and Tuna on these menus. To order any of these, just order the sub sandwich version and tell them to make it into a wrap instead of giving you a choice of bread.

Even though the Subway menu has changed a few times, you can still order and create a sandwich wrap the same way. To order a sandwich wrap, you can start by buying a sub sandwich by name or just naming the protein or proteins you want in your wrap. On the new Subway menu, you can choose from the following meats right now:

Black Forest ham cut into thin slices

Chicken that has been grilled

Chicken cooked on a spit

Oven-roasted turkey cut into thin slices

Salami Genoa

The meatballs

Beef roast

Shaved steak that has been spiced and marinated


Vegan burger

At this point, you can add a few extra proteins, which will cost you extra. The extra proteins and how much they cost are:

Bacon costs $1.

Pepperoni is 75 cents.

Capicola is 75 cents.

After you choose the proteins you want, you can move on to the next step of building your sandwich wrap, which is picking the cheese you want inside. On the new Subway menu, you can choose from the following cheeses:

Slices of American Cheese

Slices of Pepperjack Cheese

Thin slices of Provolone cheese

Mozzarella Cheese Shreds

Monterey Cheese Shreds

You can add $0.75 worth of BelGioioso Mozzarella Slices for an extra cost.

Once you’ve added the cheese you want to your wrap, you’ll be able to choose the toppings that will go inside it. You can choose from many different kinds of vegetables at Subway.

The lettuce

Spinach leaves

The tomato

Pickled cucumbers

Peppers in green

Onions, red

The cucumbers

The black olives

Hot peppers

Peppers that look like bananas

You can choose to add Smashed Avocado to your wrap for an extra $0.75.

One of the last things you do when making a Subway sandwich wrap is choose any sauces you want inside the wrap. Subway has taken away a few sauces and added a few new ones in their place. On the Subway menu, you can choose from the following sauces:


Vinegar from red wine

The condiment mayonnaise

This is mustard.

Honey Dijon

The Buffalo Sauce

Teriyaki with sweet onions

The Peppercorn Ranch

Chipotle Baja

Parmesan Vinaigrette with an MVP

Burnt Garlic

The very last thing you can do is choose whether or not you want any spices in your sandwich wrap. Subway doesn’t have much in the way of spices, but it does have:


Pepper is a spice.

Parmesan Cheese Shreds

Once you’ve chosen your protein, cheese, toppings, sauces, and spices, your sandwich artist will fold the tortilla carefully and skillfully to make your sandwich wrap. Once it’s folded, it will be cut in half, just like a sub sandwich, and then wrapped in paper and given to you once you’ve paid for it.

It’s just as easy to order a sandwich wrap from Subway as it is to order a sub sandwich, whether it’s one of the new Subway Series sub sandwiches or a sub sandwich that you make yourself. If you want to change up your favorite sub sandwich or just want to try something new, the Subway sandwich wrap is a great choice on the new menu.