Subway Live IQ

Subway Live IQ is a cool online tool that helps keep track of important information in Subway stores. It’s like a special website and app that gives Subway partners and workers statistics in real-time. You can find out how well a business is doing in terms of sales, see reports for different times of the day, and even check how productive it is.

Subway Live IQ

When you check in to the SubwayLiveIQ site, you’ll find several exciting things. You can look at KPIs, which are reports that tell you how busy the restaurant is, how many sales it produces, and other vital factors. There is also a very helpful overview called WISR. Restaurant workers may be seen entering and leaving in real time.

Tracking sales with Subway Live IQ is one of its best features. It’s easy to figure out how much a restaurant makes per person. Coolly, you can see when restaurant staff check in and out.

The Subway Live IQ Reporting dashboard is like a big screen that shows lots of important information about the restaurant’s sales. Managers and top staff can stay on top of it. You can leave your fingerprint on the instrument through its appearance.

A good method for Subway restaurants to grasp what is happening with sales and other essential data is the Subway Live IQ. It is simple to navigate the site and provides you with all the data a wanna-be investor could ask for. Then the question is whether you are a restaurant manager or just curious about how things run, here is Subway Live IQ to help you out.

How Can I Log in to the Subway Live IQ Portal? Easy Steps!

Here’s an easy-to-understand guide on how to log in to the Subway Live IQ portal:

First, open up your computer browser and go to This is the page where Subway Live IQ can be found.

Enter your company-issued username and password. Place them properly!

Subway Live IQ Login
  • How cool! You are now connected to the Subway Live IQ site. Here, you can do a lot of fun things and find out important things.
  • The first thing you’ll see by default is a report called “Store Readings.” It gives you the average numbers for all the Subway stores. But hey, you can choose a different site if you want to see something else when you log in.
  • Here’s a clever trick. When you click the right button on the screen, you’ll see a cool report called “Same Store Sales Ratio Overview.” It shows how well different restaurants are doing by comparing their sales rates.

That’s it! You’ve successfully logged in to Subway Live IQ. Now you can explore all the features and use the portal to make smart decisions for your Subway restaurants. Have fun!

How Do I Reset My Account Password?

Here’s a simple guide on how to reset your Subway Live IQ account password:

  • First, go to the website, That’s where you can find the official Subway Live IQ site.
  • On the login page, look for a special menu called “Forgotten your Password.” It’s below the fields where you usually enter your login details.
  • Click on that menu, and it will ask you to enter your email address and Sign-In name. Just type them incorrectly!
  • After entering your email and Sign-In name, click the next button.
Subway Live IQ Reset Password
  • Have fun now. Verify your account on the next page. To confirm your identity, they may ask for more.
  • An email with a password-change link will arrive after verification. Open and click the email link.
  • A new page will ask for your new password. Remember a password and enter it. Correct it by typing it again.
  • Finally, click “Submit” to finish.

Now you can easily recover your Subway Live IQ account by logging into the portal with your username and the new password you just set.

Features of the Subway Live IQ Login Portal

The Subway Live IQ Login Portal is great for Subway partners, restaurants, and workers because it has a lot of cool features. Check out these 10 important things:

  1. Reports on productivity: Find out in detail how well places are doing.
  2. Reports on sales: Check out great studies that show how much food each restaurant is selling.
  3. Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs): Check vital figures to see if a restaurant is doing well or needs improvement.
  4. Summary of WISR: Find out how the sales of different places compare quickly.
  5. Cashbook Music: Keep track of all the money stuff happening at the restaurants.
  6. Data on When Employees Checked In and Out: Know who’s working when by checking the real-time attendance information.
  7. Productivity Trends: Find out if restaurants are getting better or worse over time by looking at patterns and trends.
  8. Real-time Data: Get the most up-to-date info and cool stats about all the restaurant stuff happening right now.
  9. Each sale is a separate event.: See and study each sale to learn what customers like and how to sell even more.
  10. Homepage That Can Be Changed: Make the dashboard look exactly how you want it by personalizing it.
  11. Employee Performance Metrics: Check how well each employee is doing with numbers like sales targets and how happy customers are.
  12. Inventory Management: Keep track of how much food is left to make sure there’s always enough and nothing goes to waste.
  13. Training Resources: Access cool videos and materials to help employees learn and be super good at their jobs.
  14. Customer Feedback Analysis: Find out what customers are saying and use that information to make the restaurant experience even better.
  15. Mobile Accessibility: Use a special app to log in and see everything on your phone or tablet, so you’re always connected even when you’re on the go.

With all of these features, Subway Live IQ is an amazing tool that can help make Subway businesses even better and more successful.

How Do I Set Up A Shortcut For Subway Live IQ Mobile?

Here’s how you can make it super easy to get to Subway Live IQ on your phone:

  1. Open your phone’s web browser and type where you would normally type a website link.
  2. When the screen for logging in comes up, use your username and password for Subway Partners. It’s like finding the key to a secret code!
  3. The “Welcome to LiveIQ Mobile” screen will then show up. Press “Enter” on the screen. This means “Let’s go!”
  4. If the Subway Live IQ sign shows up on the screen, that’s great! Tap and follow on-screen directions. They will demonstrate adding a LiveIQ button to your phone’s home screen.

Now you can quickly get to Subway Live IQ from your phone by using a link. No longer will you have to type in long web names or look through apps.

All you have to do is tap the screen. Explore Subway Live IQ and learn how to run your Subway business like a pro.

Official NameSubway Live IQ
Managed BySubway
Portal TypeLogin
Used BySubway Restaurants, Managers
AccessibleAvailable in select countries
PurposeProvides real-time data and insights for restaurant management
FeaturesSales performance tracking, productivity reports, and KPI monitoring
User-FriendlyEasy-to-use interface for seamless navigation
Mobile AccessibilityAccessible through the Subway Live IQ mobile app

Subway Live IQ Administration Module Guide

Subway Live IQ Ad Module, which is a sophisticated tool that turns out to be a sponge for administrators allowing them to successfully oversee managerial parts of their Subway restaurant business.

This guide will give you a general introduction to the essentials of the Subway Live module’s administration and functionalities; that way, you can use it in practice.

Accessing the Subway Live IQ Administration Module

This module explains how to get into the Subway Live IQ Administration Module. It’s like the special website where Subway restaurant managers can do important stuff to run their restaurants smoothly. You need to log in to this website to access all the cool features.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Overview module is like the main page of the website. It shows a summary of important information, like how the restaurant is doing and other cool facts. You can see graphs and numbers that tell you how many customers came, how much money was made, and other interesting things.

Managing Restaurant Information

This module helps you manage important details about the restaurant. Update the restaurant’s address, phone number, and hours. You can also manage employee data.

Inventory Management

Tracking restaurant supplies is the focus of this module. You can see your food, supplies, and other inventory. It helps you order more when you’re running low and makes sure you always have enough of everything.

Sales and Performance Analysis

This module helps you understand how well the restaurant is doing. It displays daily, weekly, and monthly income reports. You may also check how many people ate and what they enjoyed most. This helps you make good restaurant judgments.

Menu Management

The guideline is to be able to take on the menu creation in the restaurant. Amendments to the menu, price adjustments, and running special offers are at your convenience. I’m the section chief. It’s like they called me in charge of what yummy food people can order from Subway.

Employee Scheduling

This module helps you plan and keep track of when your employees work. Create timetables and assign responsibilities to employees. It also records their work hours and arrival times. This ensures everyone knows the restaurant’s arrival time.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This module is all about what customers think of your restaurant. Read and comment on restaurant reviews online. You may make someone happy by fixing their problem.

Support and Troubleshooting

When you need support, use this module. Resources can help you learn about the features, and support can help with issues. They will help you fix any issues you’re having.

Security and Access Control

Module security is the priority. Create accounts to only see and do what you should on the website. It safeguards sensitive data and restricts website access.

These modules give Subway restaurant managers lots of cool tools to make their restaurants awesome and successful.


Can I use Subway Live IQ on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can! Live IQ for Subway takes the office wherever you go, running on your smartphone or tablet and enabling you to supervise your restaurant from afar.

What cool stuff can I do with Subway Live IQ?

Subway Live IQ has lots of cool features! You can keep track of your restaurant’s supplies, see how well it’s doing with sales, manage your menu, schedule employees, and even listen to what customers are saying.

Can I change my restaurant’s opening hours with Subway Live IQ?

Absolutely! Subway Live IQ lets you customize and update your opening hours, so if you need to change your schedule, you can do it easily.

How does Subway Live IQ help with keeping track of supplies?

Subway Live IQ helps you keep an eye on what you have in stock. It lets you order more supplies, receive shipments, and make sure you always have enough for your restaurant.

Can I see how well my restaurant is doing with sales using Subway Live IQ?

Yes, you can! Subway Live IQ gives you reports and cool numbers to show how much money you’re making and if people like your food. You can see trends and figure out what’s working best for your restaurant.

Can I add new items or change the menu using Subway Live IQ?

Absolutely! Subway Live IQ lets you add new tasty items to your menu, change the prices, and run special offers. It’s like being the chef and deciding what yummy things people can eat.

How does Subway Live IQ help with employee schedules?

Subway Live IQ helps you plan and manage when your employees work. Create schedules, assign tasks, and track who works when. Like being boss and making sure everyone knows when to arrive.

Can I read what customers think about my restaurant using Subway Live IQ?

You can! See what people are saying about your restaurant with Subway Live IQ. Read and comment on their reviews. You can fix someone’s problem and make them happy.

What should I do if I have a problem with Subway Live IQ?

If in any case you ever have a challenge, sorry, I meant: don’t worry! Subway Live IQ has an internship that you can do so that you can get answers. Alternatively, you can count on the possibility of technical assistance or community recommendations to overcome some of the common problems.

Is my information safe with Subway Live IQ?

Yes, it is! Subway Live IQ takes your information seriously. Their security features ensure that only authorized users can access your data.

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