Subway Menu Prices Canada

Subway Menu Prices Canada: Enjoy Fresh Subs at Great Value!

Are you ready to delve into our taste-tempting guide to Subway reservation fees in Canada? Whether you are an old-timer or are only venturing in, together, we become immersed in the nitty-gritty of the sport that you need to know. Let us go through a tasting session of various sub sandwiches with awesome Added Advantages served at our Subways in Canada. Whether your choice is a traditional masterpiece or a vegetarian wonder sub, at Subway, it is tailor-made to your taste at an affordable price. Like, let’s plunge deep and treasure what lies beneath.

Canadian Subway Menu Prices – Delectable Subs to Suit Every Palate!

This section will be the heart of the Canadian Subway story where you’ll be amazed by the multiple subs flaunting their deliciousness. From the iconic B.M.T.Subs to mouthwatering Meatball Marinara, you can enjoy the best of our menu with pocket-friendly pricing. Hurray! It’s Subway time and you are about to be enticed by the wide range of tastings it is about to serve.

Affordable Subway Menu Prices in Canada – Taste the Goodness!

What stops you from making good on your wallet without having a terrible taste in subs? The second part of this segment will focus on the low-cost options that you can find at the Subway. You can find Subway restaurants at each corner while on campus or for those who are looking for a great-value meal. Learn the best ways to enjoy dining out never requiring you to spend more then you plan to.

Subway Sandwich Prices in Canada – Freshness Meets Affordability!

Subway’s motto “fresh” from the first bite to the last bite is realized all over again. In this segment, we’ll be reflecting on how Snacks fulfills its duty of upholding the company’s high-quality standards at a price point that is affordable to all. Dabble in the different types of bread, protein, and toppings among others, and thoroughly take the moment when you have that yummy sub you have always loved right into your mouth.

Explore the Subway Canada Menu – Delicious Offerings at Budget-Friendly Prices!

Lots of options are available now, from sandwiches to satisfying beverages and sides, the entire Subway Canada menu will surely satisfy everyone. While customers will be familiar with various menu items and their prices here, we will show them to ensure consistency with the expected prices. Let us sink our teeth into a perfect dinner that being on a tight budget won’t be an issue.

Canadian Subway Sub Prices – Satisfy Your Cravings Without Breaking the Bank!

How about getting a taste of some homeless-friendly subs that won’t leave you broke? We’ve got you covered! We’ll guide you through the tastiest recommendations and the most cost-effective prices for the subs. The taste is not only for the ardent meat fans anymore; it matches the veggies lovers and personalities alike.

Subway Breakfast Menu Prices in Canada – Start Your Day Right!

Want to find a nice flavorful blend to enjoy your swap to the morning most? Subway breakfast menu is for you (friendlier)! In this segment, we’ll uncover the early morning sensations and what you would get at very affordable prices. Begin with a presentable and scrumptious breakfast sub to knock off your first day.

Subway Canada Combo Prices – Tasty Deals for a Filling Meal!

Instead of a humble sub, why not take the opportunity to enjoy a fresh, gourmet English at a very cheap cost? At present, we’ll introduce Subway’s combination deals including sub, drink, and chips, and show amazing photos of these meals. Get a tremendously comforting meal at prices that won’t break the bank.

Unveiling the Subway Salad Menu Prices in Canada – Healthy and Tasty Choices!

For individuals who want low low-calorie diet, Subway’s salads will be a good opportunity for them. Let’s see how a great variety of fresh and healthy salads from the Reach Wallet price list will be presented. Find out how to eat only healthy dishes without forgetting to have a taste.

Subway Canada Beverages Prices – Quench Your Thirst without Overspending!

Craving a refreshing beverage to complement your sub? We’ve got you covered with Subway’s drink offerings and their reasonable prices. Quench your thirst without blowing your budget.

Discover Subway’s Plant-Based Options – Menu Prices for Veggie Lovers!

Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! Subway has diverse plant-based options on its menu that make every mouthful explode with flavor. This allows individuals, including vegetarians and flexitarians, to choose healthier options without compromising their taste. Here, the focus will be on displaying a variety of items and the pricing policy is cheap. Take part in a great meat-free option that will taste very delicious and filling.

Subway Catering Prices in Canada – Crowd-Pleasing Platters for Any Occasion!

Need to arrange an event personally or even professionally? Subway’s catering platters are not only delicious for your guests, but they are ready to wow them as well! This part will help us to see the viability of our catering services in terms of affordability. Be a crowd-pleaser by treating your guests to a selection of delights that will stay in their memories forever. Use our AI to write for you about environmental issues.

subway menu prices canada

Subway Menu Prices Canada

Footlong Subs

Footlong Black Forest Ham SubCAD 12.89
Footlong Chicken Bacon & Peppercorn Ranch SubCAD 10.19
Footlong Cold Cut Combo SubCAD 12.19
Footlong Grilled Chicken SubCAD 11.49
Footlong Italian B.M.T.® SubCAD 10.19
Footlong Meatball Marinara SubCAD 9.99
Footlong Pizza Sub MeltCAD 12.99
Footlong Steak & Cheese SubCAD 12.79
Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki SubCAD 11.59
Footlong Tuna SubCAD 11.49
Footlong Turkey Breast SubCAD 9.19
Footlong Veggie Delite® Sub$9.19 CAD

6-Inch Subs

Item6-inch Grilled Chicken Sub
6-Inch Black Forest Ham Sub$5.99 CAD
6-Inch Chicken Bacon & Peppercorn Ranch SubCAD 5.99
6-Inch Cold Cut Combo SubCAD 8.49
CAD 8.99CAD 7.59
6-Inch Italian B.M.T.® SubCAD 5.99
6-Inch Meatball Marinara SubCAD 5.99
6-Inch Pizza Sub Melt SubCAD 9.19
6-Inch Steak & Cheese SubCAD 8.99
6-Inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki SubCAD 7.49
6-Inch Tuna SubCAD 7.69
6-Inch Turkey Breast SubCAD 5.69
6-Inch Veggie Delite® SubCAD 5.99

Footlong Combos

ItemCAD 14.29
Footlong Cold Cut Combo Sub ComboCAD 17.09
Footlong Steak & Cheese Sub ComboCAD 16.89
Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub ComboCAD 15.59
Footlong Turkey Breast Sub Combo$15.59 CAD

6-Inch Combos

ItemCAD 10.09
6-Inch Cold Cut Combo Sub ComboCAD 13.29
6-Inch Steak & Cheese Sub ComboCAD 13.09
6-Inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub ComboCAD 11.79
6-Inch Turkey Breast Sub Combo$11.79 CAD

Picked for you

ItemCAD 10.19
Footlong Cold Cut Combo SubCAD 11.49
Footlong Italian B.M.T.® SubCAD 10.19
Footlong Meatball Marinara SubCAD 12.99
Footlong Steak & Cheese SubCAD 11.49
Footlong Turkey Breast Sub$11.49 CAD


ItemCAD 4.39
Chipotle Chicken SidekickCAD 1.19
Chocolate Chip with M&M’s® Candies CookiesCAD 4.69
Crispy Chicken SidekickCAD 3.89
Honey Mustard Ham SidekickCAD 3.99
Italian Aioli SidekickCAD 4.19
Savoury Turkey Ranch Sidekick$4.19 CAD


ItemCAD 11.29
Chicken Caesar Wrap (Large)CAD 8.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap (Regular)CAD 11.39
Crispy Chicken Wrap (Large)CAD 9.19
Crispy Chicken Wrap (Regular)CAD 12.19
Southwest Steak & Avocado Wrap (Large)CAD 9.89
Southwest Steak & Avocado Wrap (Regular)CAD 11.99
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado Wrap (Large)CAD 9.69
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado Wrap (Regular)$9.69 CAD


ItemCAD 8.59
Black Forest Ham SaladCAD 11.59
Chicken Bacon & Peppercorn Ranch SaladCAD 11.09
Grilled Chicken SaladCAD 11.59
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki SaladCAD 10.09
Tuna SaladCAD 10.29
Turkey Breast SaladCAD 8.29
Veggie Delite® Salad$8.29 CAD


ItemCAD 5.99
6-Inch Egg & Bacon SubCAD 5.99
6-Inch Egg & Cheese SubCAD 5.99
6-Inch Egg & Ham SubCAD 5.99
6-Inch Egg & Sausage Sub$5.99 CAD
Footlong Egg & Bacon SubCAD 9.49
Footlong Egg & Cheese SubCAD 9.49
Footlong Egg & Ham SubCAD 9.49
Footlong Egg & Sausage SubCAD 4.39
Egg & Bacon SidekickCAD 6.39
Egg & Cheese SidekickCAD 6.59
Egg & Ham SidekickCAD 6.69
Egg & Sausage Sidekick$6.69 CAD


ItemCAD 1.19
Chocolate Chunk CookiesCAD 1.19
Chocolate Chip with M&M’s® Candies CookiesCAD 2.19
Doritos® Nacho Cheese ChipsCAD 2.19
Lay’s Classic® Potato ChipsCAD 2.19
Lay’s® Original Oven Baked Potato ChipsCAD 2.19
Miss Vickie’s® Sea Salt & Malt VinegarCAD 2.19
Miss Vickie’s® Sweet & Spicy Ketchup chipsCAD 4.59
Six CookiesCAD 2.19
Sunchips® Harvest Cheddar Multigrain SnacksCAD 7.99
Twelve CookiesCAD 1.19
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies$1.19 CAD


Aquafina® WaterCAD 3.29
Brisk® Lemon Iced TeaCAD 3.29
Diet Pepsi®CAD 3.29
G2® Fruit Punch Sports DrinkCAD 3.29
mangobublyTM sparkling water beverageCAD 3.29
Pepsi®CAD 3.29
PURE LEAF Lemon Iced TeaCAD 3.29
Tropicana® Orange Juice$3.29 CAD

Kids’ Pak Meal

CAD 5.69CAD 5.69
Kids’ Turkey Breast Meal$5.69 CAD
Kids’ Veggie Delite® Meal CAD 5.69


What are the average prices for Subway menu items in Canada?

Subway sandwiches in Canada differ in their prices from five to ten dollars, a difference that is dictated by the size and toppings. Finding the middle ground between multiple individually priced items and takeaway meal combos that may cost a little extra.

Does Subway offer value meal options in Canada?

Absolutely! The Subway shop provides combination deals to their customers, by selling a sandwich with a drink and chips at a lower cost and thus they made quite some profit in selling sandwiches.

Canada, are there Subway locations that provide such options as, vegetarian and vegan?

Subway provides vegetarians and vegans with different options like plant-based types of protein with infused products like Beyond Meat in the sub sandwiches.

Can I customize my sub at Subway without extra charges?

Customization is also a good practice for Subway. This is because you are allowed to add any toppings or other sauces to your sub at no extra charge.

Do Subway menu prices vary by location in Canada?

Likewise, venue prices can differ slightly by location, taking into account things like local expenses and rates. Inquire from your next Subway restaurant about the specific pricing.

Is breakfast available at all Subway locations in Canada?

A large portion of Subway locations across Canada serve breakfast, and they carry multiple items for this meal.