Subway Menu Prices Australia

Explore Subway Menu Prices Australia: Tasty Sandwiches for Every Taste!

A head-to-toe taste adventure is just about to begin as we take a look at the diverse Subway Menu prices in Australia. Finest classics up to a variety of enticing novelties Subway comes. It covers all the tastes. Regardless of whether you are a fussy eater, a certain veggie dreamer, or a health fanatic, there will always be a sub for you. Our main target: menu variety on a budget! You’ll find pocket-friendly options that befit your budget!

Remove whatever inhibitions you may have and step on the taste journey as we meander through the multicolored menu of Subway Australia. Favorite classics or tempting chef creations: subway satisfies all taste desires. If you are someone who enjoys a meaty snack or if you are a vegetarian who wants to try something new or if health is your top priority, the perfect sub is out there for you! We just want you to experience the diversity in the menu while we have you looking closely at the price to make sure you get the most for that money.

Affordable Subway Menu Prices in Australia: Flavorsome Subs for Less!

Who says mouthwatering has a high price? Subway knows how to deliver appealing food without loading too much on the pocket. In this depth of things Subway will disclose secrets that they use to create tasty delicious subs and at the same time keep the prices low and affordable. Are you ready to be seduced by these unique inventions without having any shame or hesitation?

Subway Sandwich Prices in Australia: Freshness and Quality Within Your Budget!

In Subway, freshness is imperative and that shall never be compromised. Your sandwich journey begins with the first bite when you realize that everything on it is a quality artful design by a culinary artist who put those ingredients together with so much care and detail. This text will serve the main purpose of analysis of the relationship between the high-quality ingredients Subway uses and the attractive prices, which the speedy food restaurant chain offers to their faithful buyers.

Unveiling the Subway Australia Menu: Delicious Offerings at Great Prices!

Envision a menu that satisfies all your cravings from tasty to sweet but at very good prices. There is hardly a sub that will not make it to the table soon as we are about to disclose the Australian Subway menu today. On our enjoyable tour, we will lead you to the menu’s star dishes and items that you will regret having missed, featured for the prices that will make you fall in love with this place.

Australian Subway Sub Prices: Satisfy Your Hunger Without Overspending!

No one is immune from the stomach grumble, and Subway is ready to apply a hitting blow to hunger and at the same time leave you not broke at the end of the day. I will explain in more detail the feature sub prices of Subway in Australia and finally identify which meal is tasty and gives the best value for your money.

Subway Breakfast Menu Prices in Australia: Start Your Day with a Delicious Deal!

Mention in the first sentence that Subway begins its food service with some breakfast items and that those are available at low cost. Whether you are fancy sweets or savory, we will have both outlets for you that will start your day but with a low budget.

Subway Australia Combo Prices: Enjoy a Filling Meal at a Bargain!

Looking for a complete meal deal? Subway’s combo prices have you covered! We’ll reveal unbeatable bargains that include a sub, drink, and chips to satisfy your hunger and your wallet.

Discover Subway’s Healthy Choices: Menu Prices for Nutritious Options!

Healthy eating doesn’t have to imply loss of food delight or ripping own pocket. Take a look at our menu you may be surprised to see how Subway nutritious, sparing budget choices are available at Subway.

Subway Australia Beverage Prices: Quench Your Thirst Without Breaking the Bank!

Tack on the rejuvenating drink you need without having to give much thought to it as far as cost is concerned. Subway Australia’s beverage prices will also be publicized, promising an economical source of hydration for your money.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options: Subway Australia Menu Prices for Plant-Based Lovers!

Plant-based lovers, rejoice! Subway does not only let you indulge in a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, but it also helps you get a perfect meal at a perfect cost with no sacrifice on the taste. Beyond the daytime routine, sign yourself and your friends up for Sooma for an experience where only the best of foods and drinks are waiting for you.

Subway Catering Prices in Australia: Crowd-Pleasing Platters for Any Event!

in selecting the playlist for the party or event? Our Subway catering services will provide you with the rout gourmet platters at a very reasonable price, which will even suit any kind of tight budget. Compared to simply telling you that we are going to make available the list of all the items on the city catering menu that can feed the appetites of our visitors, we will be showing you the menu on the city website.

No, prices might differ a little bit if the place is other than the one I mentioned. Check your nearest.

Menu Item6 InchFoot Long
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt sub$9.90 (AUD)$14.70 (AUD)
Chicken Schnitzel sub$9.90 (AUD)$14.70 (AUD)
Steak Melt sub$9.90 (AUD)$14.70 (AUD)
Southern Style Chicken sub$9.10 (AUD)$13.25 (AUD)
Cheesy Southern Style Chicken sub$9.40 (AUD)$14.00 (AUD)
Spicy Southern Style Chicken sub$9.40 (AUD)$14.00 (AUD)
Chicken Classic sub$9.40 (AUD)$14.00 (AUD)
Chicken Strips sub$9.40 (AUD)$14.00 (AUD)
Chicken Teriyaki sub$9.40 (AUD)$14.00 (AUD)
Buffalo Chicken sub$9.40 (AUD)$14.00 (AUD)
Italian B.M.T. sub$8.60 (AUD)$13.15 (AUD)
Leg Ham sub$7.55 (AUD)$12.10 (AUD)
Meatball Melt sub$8.35 (AUD)$12.70 (AUD)
Smashed Falafel sub$8.25 (AUD)$12.60 (AUD)
Tuna & Mayo sub$8.25 (AUD)$12.60 (AUD)
Turkey sub$8.25 (AUD)$12.60 (AUD)
Veggie Patty sub$8.25 (AUD)$12.60 (AUD)
B.L.T. sub$5.00 (AUD)$9.00 (AUD)
Pizza Melt sub$5.00 (AUD)$9.00 (AUD)
Seafood Sensation sub$5.00 (AUD)$9.00 (AUD)
Veggie Delite with Avo sub$5.00 (AUD)$9.00 (AUD)
Wraps (small)
Southern-style chicken wrapBuffalo Chicken Wrap
Spicy Southern Style Chicken Wrap$9.40 (AUD)
Cheesy Southern-Style Chicken Wrap$9.40 (AUD)
B.L.T. wrap$5.00 (AUD)
Buffalo Chicken wrap$9.40 (AUD)
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt wrap$9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Classic wrap$9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Schnitzel wrap$9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Strips wrap$9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Teriyaki wrap$9.40 (AUD)
Italian B.M.T. wrap$8.60 (AUD)
Leg Ham wrap$7.55 (AUD)
Meatball Melt wrap$8.35 (AUD)
Pizza Melt wrap$5.00 (AUD)
Seafood Sensation wrap$5.00 (AUD)
Smashed Falafel wrap$8.25 (AUD)
Steak Melt wrap$9.90 (AUD)
Tuna & Mayo wrap$8.25 (AUD)
Turkey wrap$8.25 (AUD)
Veggie Delite with Avo wrap$5.00 (AUD)
Veggie Patty wrap$8.25 (AUD)
Salads (small)
Southern Style Chicken salad$9.10 (AUD)
Cheesy Southern Style Chicken salad$9.40 (AUD)
Spicy Southern Style Chicken salad$9.40 (AUD)
B.L.T. salad$5.00 (AUD)
Buffalo Chicken salad$9.40 (AUD)
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt salad$9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Classic salad$9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Schnitzel salad$9.90 (AUD)
Chicken Strips salad$9.40 (AUD)
Chicken Teriyaki salad$9.40 (AUD)
Italian B.M.T. salad$8.60 (AUD)
Leg Ham salad$7.55 (AUD)
Meatball Melt salad$8.35 (AUD)
Seafood Melt salad$5.00 (AUD)
Seafood Sensation salad$5.00 (AUD)
Smashed Falafel salad$8.25 (AUD)
Steak Melt salad$9.90 (AUD)
Tuna & Mayo salad$8.25 (AUD)
Turkey salad$8.25 (AUD)
Veggie Delite with Avo salad$5.00 (AUD)
Veggie Patty salad$8.25 (AUD)
Classic Wrap Platter$56.00 (AUD)
Favourites Wrap Platter$59.00 (AUD)
Favourites Sub Platter$59.00 (AUD)
Veggie Sub Platter$50.00 (AUD)
Classic Sub Platter$56.00 (AUD)
Veggie Wrap Platter$50.00 (AUD)
Wrap Platter made with Gluten Free Wraps$59.00 (AUD)
Small Cookie Platter$11.00 (AUD)
Breakfast Rolls
Menu Item6 InchFoot Long
Bacon & Egg roll$7.75 (AUD)$11.60 (AUD)
Egg & Cheese roll$6.75 (AUD)$10.60 (AUD)
Ham, Egg & Cheese roll$7.75 (AUD)$11.60 (AUD)
Breakfast Wraps
Small Bacon & Egg Wrap$7.75 (AUD)
Large Bacon & Egg Wrap$11.60 (AUD)
Small Egg & Cheese Wrap$6.75 (AUD)
Large Egg & Cheese Wrap$10.60 (AUD)
Small Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap$7.75 (AUD)
Large Ham, Egg & Cheese Wrap$11.60 (AUD)


Is there any available discount or promotion program for Subway in Australia?

Not surprisingly, Subway is very much committed to the marketing mechanic of promotions and limited-time offers which greatly increase their marketing achievements. With so many special offers such as “Sub of the Day” or other deals, you don’t want to skip one. Therefore, when you find that you’ll have an excellent discount on your favorite subs.

Are there any plant-based options available at Subway Australia?

Absolutely! The Subway is the top spot where there are not only vegan but also vegetarian options and plant-based protein sources for customers as they can make the customization and accordingly bring what they like.

Can I customize my Subway sub without incurring extra charges?

Indeed, Subway offers you a way of customizing your sub by adding your favorable toppings and free sauces at no additional cost. Stuff your sub with the ingredients you love most and create a signature traditional Greek kebab if you can.

How often does Subway update its menu and prices in Australia?

Subway may time and again adjust its menu and prices which will change in tandem with the offering of new items and market conditions. Therefore, please inform yourself via Subway’s website or just pop into your neighborhood Subway.

Are there any special meal deals for kids at Subway in Australia?

Yes, Subway offers Kids’ Pak meal deals specifically designed for children. These combos include a kid-sized sub, a drink, and a fun treat to delight young Subway fans.

Can I order catering platters from Subway for my event?

Absolutely! Subway is a place that provides you platters for your catered event whether the size is a small one or a big one. For parties, office gatherings, and alike, catering is the one that finds the right spot for the right taste and hassle separation.

Are there any gluten-free options available at Subway Australia?

Yes, Subway provides bread alternatives that are free of gluten as well as an array of gluten-free ingredients for those customers who are into dieting. Also, don’t forget to ask for gluten-free bread and other products the next time you visit a Subway store near you.

Does Subway provide nutritional information for its menu items in Australia?

The Subway menu is unquestionably detailed and nutritional information is provided for all menu items that go in support of the organization’s commitment to being transparent. You are free to find out the said nutritional facts either from their site or in-store.

Can I order Subway online in Australia?

Undoubtedly, a good number of Subway spots in Australia feature the facility to place orders online for additional convenience. The Subway website and/or mobile app could be the place to take a look at whether online order is offered to you or not.